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Glenis Kellet


 If you scroll down the page, you will find information about my books, 'My Story' and why I wrote the books.

All my books are fast-paced and easy to read. I'm told they are very plot-driven which keeps the reader on the edge of their seats.

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Now launched as a paperback book, Kindle book, and audiobook

29th June 2021

Ms Kellet has written a fast paced book that will delight fans of lurid village life. The characters are believable – one can visualise them walking down any village street in England and the suspects are the ordinary people of everyday life. On the surface that is, beneath that smooth everyday exterior lurk individual minds that remind us of our own personal contradictions and complications. A compelling book with a satisfying resolution. Peter Dicken

A gripping intriguing murder mystery - Revealing the dark thoughts of a demented killer as he terrorises a quiet rural area with his evil intent. Who will be next? Will he succeed in destroying Paul and Josie's romance and a bizarre legacy? Suspects secret lives are unveiled during the police investigation, further complicating the murder cases. When the killer is finally apprehended, shockwaves ripple through the jittery communities. This is a captivating novel bringing fear and alarm balanced with a touch of romance and laughter.

Top reviews from the United States

Dare Rogers

5.0 out of 5 stars

 Intricately Crafted Story With an Ending that will Leave You Speechless!

Reviewed in the United States on July 22, 2021


 5.0 out of 5 stars

 Absolutely Delightful Whodunnit

Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2021

Top review from United Kingdom


5.0 out of 5 stars

 A thrilling read, a must read

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 July 2021

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20th June 2019


  A young girl, unloved by her parents, finds love in her animals until she met her loving future husband.

  They'd had very different upbringings on the farms they grew up on. Why did she leave, she had everything?

  A flash flood unearths a strange mystery in a wood, for the police to solve. They were hampered by a lack of evidence until years later when DNA forensic science was established. Will the police detectives find the missing pieces to this complex 'jigsaw puzzle' of a crime.

  The lost years reveals an unusual tale of betrayal, restrictions, fear and lies. 

I think most people, what ever they go through - faith in love remains. Animals and birds respond to love. In this story, a girl grows up unloved by her parents, never the less, she found the comfort and love she yearned for, with the animals on the farm. The girl becomes an exceptionally beautiful and capable young woman and attracts a wealthy admirer who not only showers love on her but can give her everything she needs! So why did she leave? This heart warming story has a wealth of history – when washing was performed in a large cast iron tub and bathing was in an old tin bath in front of a range, on this small farm in Yorkshire, England! Many of the events that happened in the book, are taken from people I have known while growing up, some have passed on now. It helps the story come to life! This was my first novel, I enjoy writing fast paced books to keep the reader entertained and engaged. There are unexpected twists, changing the course of this book and leading the reader into yet more turmoil! Endearing and emotional the book will keep you guessing how it will all end.

Feed back - Fast paced - Easy read -Gripping - Emotional - Couldn't put it down - Unusual novel - Heartfelt - It helped heal my emotional pain by bringing it to the surface and discussing it.

This is a book that will have you turning the pages quickly to discover the next intrigues. Full of twists and unexpected turns, with snippets of information on the rural life in Yorkshire. An easy read that will have you wanting more stories from this budding author. - Audrey Astin-Stanley.

NOW AN AUDIOBOOK - available on AUDIBLE and AMAZON (Click the FREE Audible sample button.)

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3rd December 2019

An escaped prisoner encounters horrendous struggles - a traumatised woman over turns his life completely - will he ever prove his innocence or is he in fact guilty? Astonishing revelations are unveiled about who he is! Ironically, the injustices the pair suffer conclude in the same dramatic final twist!


Feed back so far - Exciting all the way through - Read it through in one go! - The excitement and suspense could not put it down. I recommend both books to everyone. Will be waiting for the next book. - It has feeling. - Hooked from the start - Enjoyed the book - A good read - I thought this second book was brilliant - Didn't want it to end! - Brilliant ending!

"A fast-paced murder mystery, beginning simply and gradually becoming more complex, pulling the reader in and encouraging that all important 'page turning'  mentality and activity." - Peter Dicken

Grady Harp 


5.0 out of 5 stars 

Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2020

Dare Rogers

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Gripping Nail Biter of a Mystery!

Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2020

David Tyler

5.0 out of 5 stars

 Justice is not always just or swift!


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10th June 20

A body is found hanging from a noose made from a bell rope! Is this just the start of things to come?

The deceptively quiet remote village is shattered after a brazen obnoxious outsider purchases The Old Vicarage - strange disappearances occur. It wasn’t until the gruesome village history was revealed - that the baffled police could solve the chilling mysteries connected to the bell tower.

The fictitious villager's characters play a colourful and humorous part in this book - bringing the small village to life - it's a gripping murder mystery, injecting the gruesome, spine-chilling history of this remote village into its final sinister twists and turns. 

The reviews so far:

I was instantly hooked! - Keep writing, this is your best book yet! - Great imagination! plenty of plot and dialogue here. - I find your books very plot-driven, plenty happening and this one is no exception. - Brilliant could not put it down had to finish it and wow the end did not disappoint fantastic book well done - Just ordered other 2 books. - The attention to detail and the observations were brilliant. - Gripped immediately! The thrilling complicated plots and twists compelled me to read it to the end. Never guessed what it's conclusion would be and it came as a real shock! It was riveting!

"I really enjoyed it! Tension was held throughout the book. A real feel for character, human traits and failings, lots of humour too." - Peter Dicken. 

Grady Harp


5.0 out of 5 stars

 ‘We don’t generally have visitors coming to our village as it’s so remote’ - A terrific mystery!

Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2020

Dare Rogers

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Best book I've read this year!!!!

Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2020



NOW AN AUDIOBOOK! see below for a free sample. Available on Amazon or on Audible.

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A Bit About Me

My story:

I was 8-9 years of age when my teacher introduced my class to writing books. Our library lesson was all about choosing a topic from the school library and writing our own little booklets! I won 1st prize for the numerous books I wrote on all sorts of topics. I loved it! I still have many of the booklets I wrote!
Another passion was a love of ponies, I always longed for a pony of my own. I didn't come from a wealthy family, so I began helping out on a local farm at the age of 10 - I was taught how to ride and 7 years later had the opportunity to buy my very own pony! 
By the time I was 28 years old; I owned and managed a thoroughbred stud, I bred a few winning race horses! I became a partner in my husband's dairy/arable farm, we were blessed with two daughters.  
Later in life I established a coarse fishery and sold it as a going concern.  
I cared for my elderly mother for 10 years until she passed away; I supported myself by trading successfully on the financial markets. I always wanted to write but never had the time with the hectic life I led - until I retired - Now I write exciting fast-paced, easy to read fiction novels. I've had 4 books published so far - all murder mysteries with romance and plenty of emotional turmoil!- Faith in Love, Falsely Accused of the Unthinkable, The Village Narcissist and Lethal Revenge!

HND in Agriculture, Diploma in The Art of Finance and BHS 1 & 2

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Complete Collection


29th June 202

Imagine being a killer - that tortured mind they must possess. I thought this would be a perfect idea for a book! I liked the idea of an eccentric woman being one of the victims, would her strange legacy be passed on? The killer enjoyed the chase as much as the murder, which gives the book more thrilling heart stopping moments for the reader to relish.

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20th June 2019

I wrote Faith in Love because a friend asked, "why don't you write about your farming experiences?" I thought it wasn't enough on its own. I decided to incorporate the many stories I'd heard whilst growing up and create an intriguing murder mystery to make it more captivating and thrilling! I wanted to keep it fast paced and easy to read to encourage those that don't read books - it worked! They are the ones who buy all my books now!


Troubled waters and emotional turmoil.

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